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Migrating from Dubai to Canada through family sponsorship

One may be wondering about being sponsored to migrate to canada from dubai. By Canadian immigration law, it is possible. If his relative (only eligible relation category) is a Canadian permanent resident, he can sponsor him to get a permanent resident status and migrate to Canada under his financial aid. The migrant and the sponsor should meet some requirements as listed below.

Who can be sponsored?
Generally, a Canadian permanent resident can sponsor some relatives of his family. The different types of relatives who can be sponsored are briefed in the Canadian immigration law. Some of these relations are spouse; children; parents; conjugal partner; and grandparents. Some other relatives like a niece, nephew, brother, or sister can also be sponsored under the condition that they should not be married and under 18 years of age. The listed relatives of a Canadian resident can be sponsored to get permanent resident status for themselves to enjoy the same benefits. The financial aid for the relatives should also be done by the sponsoring person.
Requirements to be a sponsor
To sponsor one of your relatives to migrate to Canada, you should meet some requirements. Some of the main requirements are listed below.
• You must be at least 18 years of age
• You must be a Canadian permanent resident
• You should be able to provide the financial support to those you sponsor
• You should take care of the financial needs of a dependent child for 10 years or till it turns 25 whichever is sooner.
• You should not be charged with any offense
• You should live in Canada when the relative arrives
Benefits of being sponsored to Canada
• You can enjoy all the state-issued benefits
• You can get medical benefits
• You can get better employment opportunities
• You will be in a growing economy

June 26, 2020